YACSF Example Install Guide

As the installation of the example might be a little bit tricky, here is a short (probably incomplete) guide.

If you encounter any problems during the example application installation, please report them in the forum, I will try to solve them and include the solution here.

The example is a very small content management system, with articles, article groups and authors.

So far the intro, now the installation guide.

You need:

Once you have download and installed these, you can unzip the yacsf_example_cms zip file to the webapps directory of tomcat. The directory structure should be like $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/yacsf_example_cms/WEB-INF then.

If you have installed Tomcat 4.1.x, you need to change the HttpConnector in the $TOMCAT_HOME/conf/server.xml from a CoyoteConnector to "org.apache.catalina.connector.http.HttpConnector". The CoyoteConnector normally listens on port 8080, the replacement should listen there as well.

Now, you can start Tomcat. The admin frontend access page is on

Once webstart has downloaded the necessary jar files, you must accept a certificat, after that, you come to a login dialog. In the demo, it's does not matter what nick or password you use, the application will start once you click on "anmelden". I'm sorry that the language and the images are mixed up a bit, but there was no time and no designer to fix this.

Now, you can create article groups. Just doubleclick "Artikelgruppen bearbeiten" and then click the new tool button right of the tool help button. A new row will show up, there you can insert the name of the article group. After you entered the name and hit enter, you can save the article by clicking the now activated save tool button. This is the way of working in the editing windows.

The next thing you need to create is an author. In the menu "Module", there is an item "Authors". There, you can create an author, in the same way you created a article group. It is important that there are no errors in the data you entered (red frames around the input fields), or the data cannot be saved.

After that, you need to refresh the tree structure in the left part of the window by clicking on the refresh tool button right of "Baumansicht" while having element "Gruppen" marked. The article group you created should be visible in the tree now. There, you can create an article the same way you created an author and an article group.

Ok, thats it so far, one last note: The www links you see show the corresponding web page of the element they belong to in your browser.

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